dogs friendship wisdom

when you’re down and troubled… maybe Honey Girl can help


Hi readers,

Did I mention our house is now sold?!  What a relief. Now we’re onto the next step: the house inspection. Since the inspectors told us we had to vacate the premises today for three hours, Honey Girl and I have been hiding out at my office. Working at my computer with this big warm dog nearby has made grading papers feel completely different!  (Luckily she went to the groomer yesterday–otherwise it would smell pretty differently in here too!)

What an angel. Honey Girl is so quiet and patient, yet always hopeful for a pat, a smile, or another trip down the hall…  May her sweet face cheer you up too, and give you hope for whatever life has been throwing your way.  If the blues persist, I recommend going for a walk. It’s amazing how a brief spin around the building can raise one’s spirits…

Hang in there.




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