health humor

What’s wrong with freaking out? dance therapy: try it, it works!

Follow-up thoughts on yesterday’s post:

  1. In one week from today, I will be somewhere on Route I-90 driving on the route shown here.freak out map image.jpg
  2. On that day, June 29, we will drive approximately seven hours through Minnesota and South Dakota en route to an exciting evening of entertainment with our dog in a room at America’s Best Value Inn.
  3. I have the right to freak out!
  4. Maybe that “Freak Out” Star I’ve been creating is not only for you, sad people on the verge of self-harm. Maybe it’s a metaphor of how I feel right now!
  5. Note to self: get interfacing asap and redo those stars so that they are less chubby and sleeker. Need to let the winsome lines be seen.
  6. We all have the right to freak out.
  7. As we used to say on the disco floor, “AHHH, Freak out!  Le Freak, c’est chic.”  Try and listen to this song without dancing! Freak.jpg
  8. get up and shake that booty!  I feel better already! do you?

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