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nothing but beautiful views from here

I had no idea this house was in such a unique location! We are on the prow of the peninsula that is West Seattle. Watching the container ships, sailboats, and tugboats pass by in Elliott Bay is a new pass-time and it is hard to stop, once you’ve started. There is so much to see!

Upstairs bedroom view July 2018.jpg

see the tanker coming in on the left?

Dining room window July 2018

Ths stadium is lit up–must be a Mariners or Sounders game tonight.

Dining room window by night July 2018

Every night, it’s as if there were a living party going on across the bay, with that lit-up Ferris wheel turning and all the pink and purple lights blinking. I love how the tail-lights of the cars creeping up the hilly streets make three red lines curving up and over the horizon, alongside the skyscrapers, with the docks and black water below. These weird and blurry versions capture a nice sense of the place…and why I cannot tear my eyes from the windows here!

Night blurry curved

p.s. Here’s a big THANK YOU to Realtor Susan Anda, who helped us buy this house long-distance via the Internet, and with the help of my brother and sister-in-law, back in 2015. It was our fourth try, and we’re so glad that the first three did not work out. I grew up at 7107 39th SW, which I thought was paradise, given its lofty perch above the Olympics and views of the Vashon ferry going back and forth. But Elliott Bay is also quite beautiful, I now realize, and the city’s vitality is contagious–there’s so much to see and to do!


2 replies on “nothing but beautiful views from here”

Hooray Julia! I just caught up on your posts, what beautiful sights you saw. So happy for you and your family. I just love your view too! Hope you continue to enjoy every moment. It looks like a great place to be.


Hi Amy! Thanks so much for reading the chronicle of the road trip. It was magnificent scenery and we all got along pretty well too, despite my concerns about spending 24/24 with my human companion (I’ve never had complaints about Honey Girl). It is like a different country out here, from Indiana: the weather (lack of humidity), the incredible mountain and sea views, the attitude (no Trump or NRA bumper stickers in sight) and perhaps most importantly, the complicated way you have to sort your garbage into three bins instead of two. Vive la différence!


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