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sad and happy

Today is the sad day when we commemorate the one-year anniversary of a dear person’s death, but the light outside is so bright and golden, it’s as if she’s telling us, “Get out there and enjoy!” She was always one to tell you to enjoy–enjoy every day, or pretend to until you feel better. She was right.

I’ve been staying busy by making “Alice in Wonderland” quilts for my upcoming trip to Paris! Hoping to find some retail placements there. But Seattle is pretty wonderful today too: just look out that window behind my sewing machine and you’ll see why.



The day comes to a close, a big loving dog awaits her walk downstairs, dinner smells good, and I cannot think of a thing to complain about.

HG and baby.jpg

Lately it feels like the Universe is smiling upon me: a friend from grad school called me up after a silence of 15 years, and a friend I had as a young professor at Notre Dame just got back in touch–after living all around the world, she now lives less than 2 miles away!

Coincidences are happening.

This is all the more remarkable since I am not on Facebook. (It proves that people can find you, if they really want to.)

Let my quilts bring you good luck too:  there are only three more days to pre-order your quilt for Christmas giving and to benefit from the great offer: 25% off any quilt from Honey Girl Books and Gifts, until 10/31/19:  enter code 19 at checkout.

Off to the dog walk now… the city beckons beautifully as dusk falls.


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