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day 6: we all have our music, honey

Getting back to my original intention now, sorry about the weirdness!  (That was so yesterday.)

One of the most surprising results of our crisis has been the democratization of culture. I mean, the way we are coming to appreciate that “everybody has their own music.” That is, everybody has their own way of enjoying life, and even if we don’t like it, we benefit from the good feelings going around.  We can now see why that matters. It matters because it provides us with a little happiness, and we can choose our own, whether we are making a Tiktok video, playing a video game, singing, playing music, practicing T’ai chi, meditating, or praying in our homes while waiting for better days, or … well anything that we’re all doing to stay sane and feel centered and try and enjoy today, without hurting others during this crisis.

A favorite writer describes music–or any beloved cultural pastime–like this: “If someone says, ‘Come walk on my path, it’s beautiful,’ all I hear is that they love me with all their heart and want to give me what they see as beautiful. It just doesn’t always happen to be my way. It’s certainly equal to mine, though. And I love it that their way works for them and brings them happiness. All these ways!  There’s no path that’s higher than another. Sooner or later we begin to notice. The communication for that is: ‘I love it that your way makes you happy. Thank you for wanting to share it with me.'”*

*Byron Katie, Loving What Is, pp. 76-77.

After all, we are glad to be here, right? Now. No matter what. It’s what we’ve got and it’s ours.

Solidarity!  and see you tomorrow.




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