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day 45: Slim Dunlap’s song “Times Like This,” an upbeat COVID-19 anthem

There was a funny-sad moment this morning, when my husband came down for coffee and laughed at me. (Usually I don’t like that!) But today I had to laugh too, when I realized how sad and worried I was making myself, how furrowed my brow had become, while reading articles with headlines like, “Foreseeing Years of Death and Rage”! Through the laughter, I relaxed, and realized I was polluting my own mental ecosystem—always a fragile thing—with an overdose of horrifically bad news. Yes, it is important to remain aware. Yes, it is crucial to keep our elected leaders on task. Yes, someone must keep those “murder hornets” at bay! But at the same time, we also must protect ourselves from unnecessary worry and despair, so that we can keep on going, living, hoping, sewing… for tomorrow, because tomorrow will come and things will get better. Different, but better than today.

So I’m pulling back from the news for now, and listening to a new favorite song, “Times Like This” by Slim Dunlap. Big thanks to KEXP DJ Kevin Cole, who has been playing Slim Dunlap’s song as a kind of COVID-19 anthem on his afternoon show, broadcast from his basement. I so appreciate the upbeat music mix; it keeps me company as I’ve been sewing all those masks, day after day, through this crisis.

Fyi, yesterday’s mask production:

Face masks produced on May 2 2020

More to come tomorrow. Until then, keep your chin up, and enjoy your own upbeat music mix. Try Slim Dunlap; he’s great!



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