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day 70: sick of words words words

Hiking down to the beach, sitting in the sun and listening to the waves, watching a seal’s glistening head poke through the water, hiking back up again and feeling exultant and healthy: words words words are all I can use to capture my feelings. But what if my feelings are ordinary, just happy? The words sound arrogant, smug, self-satisfied. They smack of privilege. I bore myself. I embarrass myself. I write and write and write then delete it all. Blah!  No more words!

So I’ll sign off now and get back to working with my hands. There one can see true results. (Or not…  could the words be a form of procrastination???)

Yesterday’s production wielded no finished masks, but here’s what my studio looked like at the day’s end:

studio at work May 27 2020



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