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Don’t want to complain but the USPS is driving me nuts

So I’m trying to do a good thing, right, by sewing face masks and offering them for free to people: seniors, unemployed people, and medical personnel. Lately I’ve been getting LOTS of requests from seniors and I’m so happy to help!  To keep it simple, I ask for self-addressed stamped envelopes. In the past, a regular envelope and a Forever stamp ($0.55) worked fine. It worked fine again today, with one client in a nearby city who wrote in delight upon receiving hers. But for three others, their letters–identical in weight–were returned with $3.25 postage due!  see the evidence!  ARGH

Just in case anybody out there can help me understand. Feel free to comment.

It’s incredibly frustrating.  I don’t know what to tell my clients for the free face masks, who are generally quite elderly (and endearing). “Send me an envelope with a Forever stamp, maybe, or maybe $3.80 worth of postage.”

I plan to visit the local post office tomorrow –join the long sinuous line out front, that is, and pass a few good hours there–so I guess I will find clarity then.






One reply on “Don’t want to complain but the USPS is driving me nuts”

It wasn’t that bad. I was first in line (thanks, other client who invited me to go ahead of her). The USPS employee was patient and helpful. He methodically discerned the extra postage needed for all my envelopes ($40+), I paid, and the masks are on their way. Bottom line: $3.80 is the price.


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