the death squares… but don’t be scared!

Update on the “Respect Quilts”: No quilt in honor of the Black experience in America would be complete without a representation of death. So I made these death squares today and think they are rather cute. Why be morbid? Death happens. It hurts, it sucks, we all hate it. There will be place on this quilt for political statements; I have four patches to sew on the back which make the #BLM issues clear. But death is all of ours and the way we handle it can be light-hearted. We can make it dance too, while we’re living.

These squares use bright yellow cotton to evoke the energy unleashed when we shake off our mortal coils, and they depict grinning skeletons doing all kinds of silly things: kicking their heels, brandishing swords, or tipping their top hat at you, as if they stepped right out of a classical Hollywood musical. The black velours makes these squares irresistible to the touch, just as the detailed piecing intrigues the eye with tiny bits of beautiful fabrics and satiny textures, thrown together in an off-kilter way.


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