This is the page of Julia Douthwaite Viglione, and my dog, Honey Girl (a German shepherd-Corgi mix). Ever since we met at the foster home sponsored by Pets Connect, it’s been unconditional joy on both sides.  Even though we are both learned ladies (I have a Ph.D. in French literature from Princeton and Honey Girl graduated at least three times from “Top Hat and Tails” training school), this blog is dedicated to the idea that kindly friendship–for yourself, for other people, and for other sentient creatures on our planet–is what truly matters. No “credentials” can compare.

p.s. We chose the “daily” title in mistake! By week two it was getting too hard!  So we’ll bring good thoughts almost daily. Or weekly, or whenever a good thought comes to mind.

p.s.s.  You will not find us on Facebook.





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