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All done. Now what? Make more! and they’re on sale!

Day ten all done.jpg

We work so hard to finish projects, and we forget each time how the end brings a pang of sadness. I’m no longer needed to this creation. Its destiny is already unfolding, as my client mentioned using it as a Christmas gift for his little grandson.

I’ll make other quilts, of course, but none will be as this has been. None will have its own blog! It’s unlikely any of the other quilts will end up in Spain either. And I am all out of those pillow cases embroidered by my mom (“For Him”), though vintage bits of fabric with embroidery can be found at most any Goodwill or antique store.

Since this quilt is already spoken for, I’m going to whip up another “European Childhood” model starting now, so that it can join my repertoire.  The HGBG stock now includes: the “Western Pacific” design and the two Alice in Wonderland quilts, large and small. (Custom designs upon request).

If you want to get in on the good feelings, order your own quilt now! Get a 25% discount with code 09 on the HGBG website until 10/31/19! 

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Day two: have a heart!



Today I added a heart to this quilt–in the pink and yellow batik triangles–and the effect feels totally different, lighter and more hopeful, I think. The little dandy has become a sweetie, who brings love into the world. He will take that love wherever he goes on his life journey, with Paddington Bear by his side.

Note the other symbolism which makes this quilt make sense, from top left (the arrival of the child in a tumultuous topsy-turvy moment) to the bottom right (his departure for things unknown). The retro French fabric squares add to the evolution:  note how the square in the bottom strip features the boy alone with seagulls.  So does the grey/yellow square of the bottom: it has a compass, instead of plain khaki…  the story says that this child has places to go, and he will know how to do it when the time comes…

As I was cutting and sewing all the tiny triangles to put this quilt together, I thought about the child who will one day sleep with it, and I felt so happy and peaceful.  A related thought for you, from Path to Peace:

“In losing ourselves

in thoughts of ourselves

we lose.

In losing ourselves in

thoughts of others

we truly benefit.”