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I can see clearly now despite the fog

Foggy morning Nov 20 2018 from our living room in WSEA.jpg

Inspiration struck again this morning! Despite the fog outside, we are in a heightened state of happy anticipation in the house. Why? Two fun reasons:

1) we’re waiting with baited breath to learn the name of our mystery guest(s) for Thanksgiving and other dinners to come, an international student (or two) from the UW. Can’t wait to welcome them into our home! Hope we’ll be able to see across Elliott Bay by then…

Our view as of July 2018.jpg

2) Ever since arriving here last summer, I’ve had a hunch this might be the kind of place where an “alternative economy” might exist. Inspired by my former student Brittany Ebeling (now at Sciences Po, Paris), who’s already created a solid background as an expert in alternatives to capitalism in her research in Senegal and Denmark, I’ve been looking around in curiosity. Swallowing my fear of rejection, I managed to do a “cold call” with the owner of a beloved toy store, Curious Kidstuff, in West Seattle’s thriving Junction neighborhood. Much to my amazement, I was not only warmly welcomed but invited to do pop-up events during the holidays (next pop up Sunday 11/25 from 11-3!) and to teach the free writing workshop for children, “Write YOUR Story,” next semester in the activity room upstairs. Wow! Talk about support for local business and education!

This morning, I discovered another heartening endeavor: West Seattle Impact. It is what is called “a local giving circle”–basically a group of philanthropists who happen to be women living in West Seattle. They vow to donate $100 at Quarterly Meetings held in a public place and spread throughout the year, on an ongoing basis. Founded this past summer by some of my awesome neighbors, Impact West Seattle corresponds perfectly to my desire to give back, as seen in the Sustainability page on the HGBG site. Naturally I signed up immediately and can’t wait to meet them at the next meeting in January!   Here’s their site:

Thank you neighbors, readers, and mystery guests, for making life so much fun. And for sustaining these many ways of connecting with each other! we can prove the doomsayers wrong by working together despite the national fog…

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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an irregular economical oddity at work!


Hello readers!

It is an elementary truth of capitalism that you must make people pay for what you sell. Yet there is something irresistible about generosity!  As Harvard University economist Stephen Marglin writes:

Love is a very special commodity,

An irregular economical oddity.

Bread, when you take, there’s less on the shelf.

Love, when you make it, it grows of itself.*


Honey Girl Books and Gifts wants to help spread love and fellow-feeling! Thus our offer, which is good until 12/25/17 this year, and will be good again each year in the week before Christmas:  to honor and assist people in the caring professions, each year in the week before Christmas we will give away Tranquility Pillows  ($150 value) to all K-12 teachers and counselors, nurses, fire or police officers who request one. Contact with your request.  Thank you for your service to humanity; we could not survive without you!


* Stephen A. Marglin, The Dismal Science: How Thinking Like an Economist Undermines Community (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2008), 18.