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not quite perfect happiness

Well, that perfect moment of happiness has ended. Got some bad news yesterday about a couple cancers on my skin. So the perfect happiness is not so perfect anymore. But in a way that makes it all the more precious, because I realize how fleeting it is, to be alive and aware.

My first reaction from the doctor was actually relief. Relief that I am not endowed with some super powers that demand ever-increasing effort, nor am I immortal. I will not live forever, thank heavens! So I can be kinder to myself and say “No,” more often, and feel empowered to choose how to live, every minute of every day….  (It is also a reminder that my textile creations, via Honey Girl Books and Gifts, really are “limited editions”! haha, shop now!)

Oh well, live and learn. Hope your sense of happiness, perfect or not quite, remains intact as well…  I’m going to do a bit of sewing now and listen to the fabulous Angelique Kidjo: guaranteed to flood my spirit with joy!

Pictured here is a happy client with one of the baby quilts I’ve been creating this spring, for some lovely new people who’ve arrived on the planet! Welcome, babies!