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Hilary Hahn Bach chaconne

Today I inadvertently discovered another way to meditate. Believing (erroneously) that I was running late, I meditated for only 15 minutes in front of the window watching the crows and the trees bending in the breeze, did the morning routine as usual… and then realized I was an hour early!

So, following the suggestion of a brilliant young violist friend (and former student), I clicked on Hilary Hahn playing Bach’s Chaconne, then settled back into the posture for 15 more minutes. How interesting, to feel the music pouring over my life and lifting my spirit into its swirls of feeling. (I swear more than one person was playing that violin! Hilary Hahn is wonderful.)  As she played and I followed in spirit, loving every moment, I kept hoping it would not end before the alarm rang. But when it did, the silence felt like a dear old friend.

Thanks, Travon.  (Can’t wait to hear you play this piece next month!)