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day 55, on slowness and detail

“If you think you’re boring your audience, go slower not faster,” wrote Gustav Mahler (Austrian, 1860-1911), who was addressing the art of composing and playing classical music. I’ve found the same to be true with sewing, doing research, understanding current events, or other tasks. When I’m bored or exasperated, I slow down and focus on ever smaller bits of the world. Delving into detail makes things more fascinating. (The zeal for detail can also lead deep into rabbit holes of irrelevant knowledge, beware!)
When I slow down my sewing, the face masks take on a new aura: they are not merely discardable gear for emergency wear, but rather tiny tributes to everyday life and the beauty of the mundane. Case in point, the four masks produced yesterday (after hours of work), featuring two matching masks for a special little girl and her mom, and the two Limited edition styles–the Honey Girl logo and “Seattle Sunrise”):

Face masks produced on May 12 2020

P.s. welcome to week 9 of Shelter-in-Place (woohoo!), with the Japanese Kimono Silk Quilt no. 1 in the background…

Week 9 in window

Slow down, and see if it works for you too.  No matter what you do, tomorrow will be here soon.

Until then,

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