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day 47, hooray for small things!

Well, we made it to today! Yay us! (But now that we’re here, it feels a lot like yesterday.)

Nevertheless, I take solace in small things, like these pretty forget-me-nots seen on my morning walk, this friendly-looking table which keeps me company as I sew, and our new window sign (week 8 of Shelter-in-Place has now begun! Hooray! One week closer to … something else).
Wishing you a day of small pleasures too.
Until tomorrow,

Fyi, yesterday’s face mask production:

Masks produced on May 4 2020

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day 43: May 1, memories of a sweet holiday

When I was a little girl, we used to celebrate May 1 by picking lilies of the valley (sometimes from the neighbors’ own gardens) and putting them on people’s doorsteps, then ringing the bell and running away to hide. From a distant hedge, we would watch the recipients’ reactions. That prank did constitute trespassing, I suppose, and the work occasioned some furious fits of giggles that led to hiccups, and possibly some uprooted plants, but no long-lasting damage. The neighbors smiled, as I remember, and even called out, “Thank you!” knowing full well that we were nearby watching.

Does anyone else remember doing that? Among all the strife, fear, and anger polluting our world today, it is nice to remember a time when wetting our pants out of giggling was the biggest fear on our minds.
Yours in nostalgia,

Photo of Lily of the Valley flower by H. Zell – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

For the record, here is yesterday’s face mask production:

Face masks made on April 30 2020

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day 22: corona street art?! and face masks: now free to unemployed & aged

Hello long-suffering fellow inhabitants of Planet Earth,

Saw a cool poster of enigmatic street art this morning: “Trust the Flux” it says.  Any ideas on what that is supposed to mean?? It’s a seasonal thing? yin / yang and all that? It’s groovy for sure but I wish I knew what it was supposed to signify. Maybe more will come in the days ahead…

Trust the Flux street art at northeast corner of Hiawatha park WSEA

Seen on northeast corner of Hiawatha Park, West Seattle. Also seen were this friendly rock and a daffodil bobbing in the wind:

Other news includes this image of yesterday’s face mask production and an update on our policy: face masks will now be give free of charge to the unemployed and the aged, as well as medical personnel, upon request. 6 per household. Distribution at my “store” (a chair in front of my house in West Seattle; see below) or by mail order with prepayment and a self-addressed stamped envelope. Contact for more info.

see ya tomorrow