T-shirt Models join forces with HGBG!

On September 26, I announced the search for ten people willing to model a T-shirt for my small business, Honey Girl Books and Gifts LLC, in return for a donation of $100 on their behalf to Fusion Kung-Fu and Movements Arts: a martial arts school that we all love in central Seattle. (That’s our teacher in the cover photo, with a Kung Fu student. The student may be taller than Sifu Michelle Pleasant, but I doubt she is mightier than our teacher.)

Today I’m delighted to announce that we did it!

We made an alternative economy happen.

We invested in this school, our community, because we are aware of the joy and convenience it gives us to learn martial arts, without travelling too far from home. (And we are aware of the high cost of Seattle real estate.) If you’d like to join the effort, please do!

Great thanks to all of those who contributed–I’m sure readers will agree that everyone looks marvelous!

Seattle really is that kind of place. Proud to be born here, to work here, and to have HGBG become a new member of SEATTLE MADE, a network of local artisans and creators who sell products all over town, even at SeaTac Airport. (Wow, what a thrill that would be; maybe one day!)

P.S. Get your own HGBG T-shirt for only $19.95 while supplies last…

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share a secret aspiration with a friend: bingo, you’re happy again!

Yeah, you read it right, the fog has lifted and a smile has returned to my face. How did it happen?  Who knows. But I suspect a couple things were behind it, so here’s my advice for you (and me, for next time it happens):

  1. Admit you’re not feeling that great. Go ahead and say so. Complain about it! (That was my last blog post. It is also one of the tools recommended by Danish psychologist Svend Brinkmann, author of the semi-hilarious book of stoic advice, Stand Firm: Resisting the Self-Help Craze.)
  2. Propose a silly or fantastic (but maybe serious?) aspiration with a friend who will likely get it.  Bingo!  When he does like the idea (even in jest), you will feel better!  I won’t tell you mine, because one day it may come true and then it won’t seem so silly, will it?!  (But I will say, “Thanks, Richard” and he’ll know what I mean.)

Once you’re on the mend, listen to some of those “Happiness Lab” podcasts. They may sound chirpy, but the work of Dr. Laurie Santos has some solid research behind it and there are lots of great anecdotes you can share at the dinner table or online with your friends. That story of the lottery winner whose life self-destroyed when he got super-rich will be a favorite among most everybody, I suspect, and give us all food for thought…

The bottom line is that emotions are fleeting.  Whatever you’re feeling–good, bad, or downright crappy–it will likely fade by tomorrow.  So will the good feelings, if you’re really happy right now.  (Sorry!)

The only real thing to do is to go outside and see the world a bit.  Honey Girl is waiting to take me out in the world for her afternoon walk, so I will do just that. Lincoln Park, here we come.


Hang in there!