creativity blooms at the Alki Masonic Hall! & “Quilt Maker Kits” for parties!

Today’s Holiday Bazaar in West Seattle was a little, well, bizarre, but the silver lining was to see several people, little kids and older folks (my age, that is) who were all enjoying the “Win YOUR Quilt” game. They were moving squares around, eye-balling the effects, seeing line and color like artists for a few minutes, and discussing it with their family and friends. It is a deeply pleasurable experience, that was visible on their faces.

For me, it was really a delight to see that.

Sorry I didn’t take pictures — it seems pushy and rude, so I don’t.

Eight people played the game, and the winning design is shown here. I’ll be back in touch when the whole thing is done, but for now, here is the formula which I’ve decided to start marketing. People love it!


Purchase a “Quilt Maker’s Kit” of 30 artsy squares by HGBG

Invite your friends and family over for a Quilt Making Party and Drawing!

Part One: MAKE A QUILT! game
Public: Who can play?


  1. Ensure hands are clean, with wipes provided.
  2. Browse through the quilt squares, choose 15 that you like. Put the other ones into a neat pile to the side.
  3. Choose your layout: horizontal or vertical.
    (“Frankenstein” is vertical; “Respect wall-hanging” is horizontal)
  4. Lay out your quilt squares in lines according to the blue taped areas on the table. It will create a design that is 3 squares x 5 squares (vertical), or 5 squares x 3 squares (horizontal).
  5. Straighten it all up.
  6. Take a photo with your cell phone.
    Congratulations! You are now a quilt designer and that is your first e-quilt!

Part Two: WIN YOUR QUILT! drawing

  1. Each person makes a quilt and photographs it in the Make a Quilt game (above).
  2. Each person writes name and contact information (email and/or phone) on a slip of paper.
  3. Fold it and put the paper in a shoebox.
  4. At a precise time, hold a drawing!
  5. Notify the winner.
  6. Contact HGBG. Details of the design and choice of fabric for the back will be discussed with Ms. Julia who will put the order on her to-do list!
  7. The finished quilt will be ready in 3-4 weeks and delivered (in Seattle) or shipped.

NEWS! Now available!

QUILT MAKER KITS: Love the “Make a Quilt” and “WIN YOUR Quilt” games? Want to bring them to a family get-together or child’s birthday party? Get a Quilt Maker Kit (30 squares) & custom-made follow-up quilt for only $399.99 (plus tax)!
Contact me! juliawsea@juliawsea