T'ai chi

about Master Zhanguo Peng, the source of t’ai chi awareness in South Bend, IN

Last year, the University of Notre Dame was fortunate to host visiting scholar and T’ai chi master Dr. Zhanguo Peng, an associate professor from the Institute of Chinese Philosophy at Lanzhou University, China. As the 7th generation of descendant of Yang style Tai Chi Chuan, he has practiced Tai Chi for over 20 years and is especially skilled in Pushing Hands. In 2007, he won the championship of Pushing Hands Competition in Gansu province, China. He was awarded Band Six of Chinese Martial Arts and is currently the judge and the guide for the Chinese Martial Arts Association.

I joined in March 2017 and never looked back. He taught in silence and poetic language, and we learned to watch carefully and let the Body-Mind lead the way.  After practicing T’ai chi with the Body-Mind in charge and emerging refreshed, one realizes that the Body-Mind wields an immense power for feeling good, and so life changes its course! Like a mountain stream tumbling through the rocks and roots of a forest, life regains momentum and integrity.

If you, like me, do not have a teacher in person, perhaps you might benefit from the video like I do, every morning. The link to Master Peng’s class at Notre Dame is here:  Master Peng’s T’ai chi class at Notre Dame

This blog is inspired by him and his teachings.