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HG and Julie Feb 4 by the lake at ND.jpg

It was a good weekend for Honey Girl and me. We had a nice brisk walk around the lakes on campus yesterday with a new friend, and we were thrilled to see the HGBG logo at the local puppy bowl sponsored by Two Dogs and a Cat, LLC of Granger.  (Those puppies seem curious to check it out!)

Happy Monday, everybody!

HBGB at the puppy bowl!

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proud sponsor of puppy bowl!


Honey Girl is proud to sponsor the second annual local puppy bowl!  You can see the action happening now:

Drop by the Honey Girl Books and Gifts on-line store here to pick up a puppy-themed pillow in valentine flannel!* The pocket on the back is a perfect way to unplug from fake “friends” and reconnect with your loved ones.

Which hopefully include a dog.



p.s. Enter code “03” for 50% off any pillow until Valentine’s Day!