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Road trip day two: a long straight drive to drama!

Day two was hot and windy as we headed out from Albert Lea to cross Minnesota. Spirits were calm in the car, the music on the radio was not bad; the main struggle was to keep our eyes open on that long, straight hypnotic stretch of I-90.

freak out map image

Somewhere along the way, however, things began to get more interesting!  First, there were the strange signs–and red & white road barriers too–that show how I-90 can close on occasion. One can only imagine what kind of weather brings that on: tornadoes and blizzards come to mind. Then there was the startling sign at the rest stop about poisonous snakes.

But even those strange signals could not dampen our car’s spirits! Honey Girl is now positively loving this adventure!

Honey girl the happy traveler June 29 2018.jpg

As we hurtled west at 80 miles an hour (the speed limit in SD!), things started to get very interesting–the Badlands were approaching and man, are they cool!  Words are insufficient to describe this 300,000-year-old natural phenomenon, so here are some pics:

While we were awestruck by that fabulous scenery, and the glance sightings of those adorable little furry creatures called prairie dogs, that blue sky began to fill with spectacular clouds…

Ominous sky over South Dakota June 29.jpg

By the time we pulled into the motel in Rapid City, South Dakota, the storm clouds burst open with quarter-size hail, cold hard rain, and lightning. But it passed, as all things do, and a good night’s rest was had by all.

Honey Girl has now discovered the pleasures of a nice bed. Funny to think this was the same dog we used to close up every night in a metal cage… then we made her sleep on the floor, then the couch, and here she is on the beds! The natural progression of love… which we humans can enjoy too.  Ahhh, life is much better out here than I imagined!