Announcing the HGBG T-shirt model search (and fund-raiser for Fusion Kung Fu)!

Hello clever people who read this blog!

To evade the ever-building gloom of rain in the PNW, we’re launching the coolest look for fall: the HGBG T-shirt! The Ts are modeled here by me and Honey Girl on this cloudy morning.

First ever HGBG – FUSION KUNG FU Fund-raiser



1. You agree to model an HGBG T for use in HGBG advertising (no names, your photo will simply serve as a model of the T-shirt on our two websites: and ).

2. In order to participate in the FREE T-shirt give-away (FIRST 10 PEOPLE ONLY):

a. You request a free T-shirt by email to

b. In your letter of request, you agree to email me at least one photo of you wearing the HGBG T-shirt, in jpeg format (cellphone photo), within 48 hours of receiving the T. You designate the preferred size: Youth Medium; Adult Small; Adult Medium; Adult Large; or Adult Extra-large. You provide me with a mailing address.


a. You keep your word, and thereby not only look cool in person and online, but also feel good about life and spread positive energy through the universe.

b. (FIRST TEN ONLY): Your generosity will prompt a donation of $100 to the Go Fund Me campaign underway for Fusion Kung Fu and Movement Arts: an awesome woman-owned martial arts school in Seattle (where I am learning the Japanese art of Aikido, as in the photo below, of an Aikido uniform with a Fusion hoodie).

BTW: This is how we keep cultures alive, by taking matters into our own hands. This is an example of an alternative economy that serves a local community and the brave folks who run small businesses. In this case, both businesses are run by women. That this fund-raiser serves to keep our bodies and minds in top form, by propagating the strong yet peaceful practices of Aikido and T’ai chi, is simply icing on the cake.

P.S. Thanks to Luvvie Ajayi Jones and her book, Professional Troublemaker, which gave me the courage to launch this campaign with photos of myself. –embarrassed yet proud emoji !!!


Happy Birthday Beyoncé!

Beyoncé is celebrating her birthday today, September 4!

I’m celebrating with her, by unveiling some blocks of the “Respect Quilts” which are coming to life, bit by bit, every day as I work on them. The white canvas fabric with black silhouettes is by Brooklyn designer Aphrochic; awesome, right?!

Aphrochic describes the fabric like this: “This striking silhouette is an homage to African American women of the 1960s and 70s, whose confidence, freedom of expression and beauty epitomized the “Black Is Beautiful” movement at its height. Presented in a modern, forward facing cameo, this pattern expresses the qualities that defined these women through two tumultuous decades while displaying Afros in all their glory.”

As my hipster son pointed out, they also resemble the oh-so-cool look adopted by Beyoncé in Austin Powers: Goldmember.

A great commentary on this, from “How can I control my hair?” who writes, “This has to be one of my all time favorite Beyoncé hair dos. Coming to the big screen as the lead lady in the hilarious Austin Powers: Goldmember. Beyoncé, as ‘Foxy Cleopatra,’ accessorized her gravity-defying Afro with hats and chopsticks to set the scene when Austin Powers finds her in 1975. She also sang on the soundtrack with her smash hit “Work It Out,” rocking a looser and more modern ‘fro.”

Fabulous ladies, looking marvelous: the theme of “Respect Quilts” and a suitable tribute to the birthday girl.

more to come



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day 67: echoes of Vogue!

Today we start with yesterday’s production of masks made by me, alongside this pic from hip designer Araks, in this week’s Vogue:


How cool is that! to see that the kinds of face masks I make—with cotton ties, in stylish prints—are literally in vogue!  (Ahem, theirs cost $40, while mine are still only $5. After June 1, my new model has 3-ply and an adorable Honey Girl logo label, for just $15 each.)

p.s. It may seem strange, but I am just loving this work. I thought it might be tedious but it’s not, and I’ve been sewing face masks every day since April 2! The massive numbers of masks I’ve been making (350 or so) and constant repetition of the same exacting tasks, have pushed me to pay even closer attention to the work. “Flow” happens all the time in this quiet house in a quiet neighborhood by the sea.

[T’ai chi, exercise, and lovely cuisine, evening entertainment in agreeable company also help!]

It has been fun to combine color and patterns and see the surprising results (who knew grey thread could be such a sweet influence on black and white?!). The constant creativity has made me impatient to get back to arty quilts again, and take things to a different dimension, tell whole stories in thread…

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Frankenstein is … golden





Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, the Modern Prometheus is…

a masterpiece

the first gothic novel

a rare feminist fable, by a long-suffering literary woman

an archetype that traverses every time and place

the king of myths

and so, “Frankenstein the quilt” featured here in its unfinished state, shall have a gold satin binding!

The back is of the softest velveteen, depicting a witchy garden with iridescent butterflies flying around.

The effect is:




Irresistibly soft and lustrous

…   just marvelous.

And available soon!!!