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Day three: walking on sunshine

Day 3 sunny all the way.jpg

All you need to capture how this day went down is to listen to Katrina and the Waves “Walking on Sunshine”!  All right now!  So fun to work with my hands, hear the machine whir,  and dance around the room, instead of sitting in a stuffy library taking notes… The quilt is coming together bit by bit, like a new friend. Must keep perfectionism at bay…

Speaking of walking, there is a big  dog waiting for me downstairs sighing significantly…  so I’m off now on another Honey Girl walk!  I think I’ll take her to the cool leafy old growth forest known as Schmitz Park, it’s perfect for a hot day like this.

Honey girl summer 2019.jpg


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Road trip day four: through the mountains and into the fields

Today’s drive began in sinuous mountain roads through astounding rocks of all sizes, where pine trees and other plants appear to be thriving on stone alone. It is amazing to see all the life and greenery growing right out of the granite.  And the fresh air–what a relief from the sticky hot humidity of the Midwest.

West of Bozeman on I-90.jpg

It was thrilling to cross the Continental Divide yesterday and to go through three states today: from Montana to Idaho and finally Washington, our destination. Eastern Washington is sort of a let down, after all those soaring vistas. See below, for a typical scene.


We could have powered through and arrived this evening in Seattle, but it’s all set up for our arrival tomorrow so we checked into our motel in Moses Lake, went out for a picnic by the lake in the cool breezy air, and took Honey Girl for a long walk. Moses lake is pretty–lots of lakefront property. Kudos to Michael’s Bistro and Deli for an excellent veggie sandwich!

moses lake

I ended the day with an ice cream cone–a rare treat. By the time I walked back through the parking lots to the Ramada from McDonald’s, it was dripping down my arm just like it should be doing. Delicious!

Julia with ice cream cone Moses Lake WA July 1 2018.jpg

Oh, and did I mention that Honey Girl quite likes these motel beds?

Honey relaxing on the hotel bed Moses Lake WA.jpgsu

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introducing à la française

a la francaise

Introducing “à la française”: a most French pillow!


Inspired by some kindly neighbors and their French daughter-in-law and grandchildren. And voilà! Families on both sides of the Atlantic will have a cheerful new cushion in common. (You can have one too, of course, via Honey Girl Books and Gifts).

two a la francaise pillows.jpg

Yellow and blue are a very French combination; think of The Little Prince. In this version, a maritime theme, added to the yellow and white, reminds me of hot sun on the cool beaches of Brittany, in a style hearkening back to the classy, crisp Petit bateau clothing line.



“I have friends to make and lots of things to discover.”

Le Petit Prince, The Little Prince, classic novel by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1943)