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Day eight and we tread along

The binding is going on the “European Childhood” quilt now, slowly creeping along the edges, revealing certain curves in the blanket. The blanket is soft and pillow-y, I like to smooth it out and admire its sinuosity. What makes a quilt so inviting to touch?

According to philosopher Gaston Bachelard, it’s the curviness. “Everything round invites a caress,” he wrote in his work on the “cosmic imagination,” The Poetics of Space.

Like the seagulls on this quilt, the bird in flight was a key metaphor for Bachelard. He admired a “bird’s being in its cosmic situation, as a centralization of life guarded on every side, enclosed in a live ball, and consequently, at the maximum of its unity.”

Putting the border on the quilt feels a bit similar. It brings closure to the work. It stitches the quilt shut and protects the spirit within.


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